Thursday, 1 November 2012

Gluten Free Egg Free Chocolate Cookies


Makes 6 cookies

1/2 cup of ground almonds/almond flour
4 tablespoons of unsweetened almond milk
1 tablespoon of plain greek yoghurt
2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
4 teaspoons of your favourite sweetener
1/4 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Step 1: Add the ground almonds, cocoa powder, sweetener and bicarbonate of soda to a mixing bowl and mix together with a spoon.

Step 2: Add in the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix well with an electric hand mixer until all ingredients come together into a thick paste.

Step 3: Spray a baking tray with fry light and place 6 even amounts of the cookie mixture onto it.

Step 4: Bake in the oven for approximately 10-12 minutes at 220 degrees.

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