Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Handmade Sushi Rolls


Serves 2

150g of sushi rice (I used boil in the bag)
30ml sushi vinegar
3 nori sheets

Your choice of filling, I used;
Tinned tuna chunks
Half a small cucumber
Half a ripe avocado


My set up includes a bowl of ice water to cleanse and cool the hands before handling the rice.

Step 1: Put the rice into a medium sized saucepan and add enough water to cover the rice bag. Bring to the boil and simmer on a low heat for 11-12 minutes with the lid on.

Step 2: Turn off the heat and drain the water using a sieve, put the rice bag into the sieve and back into the saucepan and leave to stand for 25-30 minutes with the lid on.

Step 3: Remove the rice from the bag and transfer the hot rice into a large bowl, fold the sushi vinegar into the rice. Wait until the hot rice cools down to a warm temperature before rolling the sushi.

Step 3: Whilst the rice is cooling, chop your cucumber and avocado into thin strips 1-2cm wide. I placed my avocado into lemon juice and water to keep the colour. I then flaked my tuna chunks down in a bowl.

Step 4: Place half a sheet of nori onto the bamboo rolling mat. Spread a small hand full of the rice as evenly as possible over the nori, making sure to keep a thin layer of rice and leaving a little gap free from rice at the top as you will need this to seal the roll.

Step 5: Lay your fillings over the rice as shown and squeeze a little lemon juice on top. Do not put too much filling in otherwise it will be difficult to roll.

Step 6: Begin rolling the nori carefully and evenly around the filling, using the mat to help shape it, rolling away from yourself and pressing firmly. Pull the bamboo mat away from yourself and make sure to keep rolling the nori around itself.

Below is the video I watched which helped me a lot with this step.

Step 7: Once the roll is complete, press down firmly on the mat helping to compress the roll slightly so that it keeps shape. Remove the rolled sushi from the rolling mat and place on a dry chopping board.

Step 8: Using a very sharp knife, cut the roll in half. Then cut the 2 halves into 4 even lengths, making 8 sushi rolls. Wash the knife occasionally between cutting each sushi roll to prevent the rice from sticking to it and to ensure a cleaner cut.

Step 9: Serve with soy sauce and wasabi paste on a little side dish. Eat sushi ginger between the rolls to cleanse the palate.

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