Friday, 6 September 2013

Meridian Foods Review

Meridian foods are my absolute favourite retailer for nut butters and fruit spreads! They sell loads of 100% natural and organic products and they also sell alot of gluten,wheat and dairy free sauces. I also LOVE their new packaging they are changing over to! Their website is and you can search all UK and international retailers who sell their products. Below is a little review of each item I received :-)

One of my favourite fruit spread flavours, I love this through my oats in the morning or spread over some oats crackers, it has a great taste without being too sharp.

This is the one and only peanut butter I buy, it's amazing! Just pure peanuts, nothing added, which means you can add your own sweetness to it or spice it up with some cocoa. Use it in a lot of recipes that I have on here!

This was my first time trying this flavour of fruit spread and I love it, this was the last only flavour I hadn't tried and I'm glad I did! My LO loves it on toast too.

The crunchy hazelnut butter is so great! Hazelnuts are my favourite and this mixed with some sweetness and cocoa is like crunchy Nutella! I'm going to try this instead of the smooth type the next time I make my Nutella Protein Fudge!

This pumpkin seed butter is great for anyone with nut allergies, I love using it in my protein bar recipes as a little change and it tastes delicious!

Cashew butter is such a great nut butter, I have used this crunchy kind to thicken up an Indian sauce I made and it turned out fab!

Remember to check out and you can search all UK and international retailers who sell their products!

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